Why Retaining Walls Are Needed

In our area of Tennessee, we have gorgeous sloping hills that contribute to the scenery and help to differentiate our properties. However, those sloping hills also mean that our residential and commercial properties may need retaining walls.

Here are some reasons why retaining walls are important for your property in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Hendersonville, and nearby areas.

Retaining Walls Can Help Prevent Erosion on Your Property

This retaining wall was constructed in Mt. Juliet to help prevent erosion.

The main reason for installing retaining walls is to help prevent soil erosion. Soil is the first thing to wash away in the rain, and if your property has a lot of slopes and differing elevations, your soil will wash away quickly.

When a retaining wall is installed, it immediately works to stop this erosion from happening. It keeps soil in place and essentially acts as a dam for soil. This is especially important in landscaping beds when you’ve invested heavily in landscape plants and balancing the nutrients in your soil. But they can also help protect the area around your home or office from eroding and causing more significant issues with the foundation or other structural problems.

Retaining Walls Are Great for Functional & Aesthetic Purposes

Retaining walls can also help to add space to your yard, especially if you’re on a sloped area. They can help level out an area that would otherwise be a hill. This is done by leveling the hillside and inserting the retaining wall to keep the soil in place.

These walls can also aid in flood prevention. When installed correctly, retaining walls can help redirect rainwater and keep it from pooling in one area. Another way these can be used is to help enclose outdoor living spaces for more privacy. They create a privacy barrier that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

They also look great and add depth to your property. Retaining walls are often used to elevate landscaping beds, which helps to create a focal point and draw eyes to the landscaping beds. They can also help add value to your home or business property and help increase your curb appeal.

Materials Commonly Used for Retaining Walls

This retaining wall in Lebanon extends space and helps prevent erosion.

Retaining walls can be constructed from different materials. At Master’s Landscape Design, we will work with you to choose materials that are sturdy and also complement the exterior of your property. Common materials used for retaining walls include granite, sandstone, limestone, stone blocks, concrete blocks, clay bricks, and more.

These materials are strong and durable and will last for many years. They will not require much maintenance at all during their lifespan.

Are you looking to change up your property with a retaining wall?

We can install retaining walls on your residential or commercial property located within the areas of Mt. Juliet, Franklin, Nashville, and nearby Tennessee communities. At Master’s Landscape Design, we have many years of experience designing and installing retaining walls in the area. Contact us at (615) 288-2052 to set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs and plan a design that will look great and give you the erosion protection your property requires!