Retaining & Seating Walls in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, & Hendersonville, TN

Retaining and seating walls for homes and businesses that increase landscape functionality

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Retaining and seating wall construction in Lebanon, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet, TN

Retaining and seating walls serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Retaining and seating walls make great additions to your home or business, as they serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. Retaining walls work to prevent erosion and flooding and increase your landscape’s usable space. Seating walls create additional outdoor seating options and attractive focal points in your backyard area.

We offer retaining and seating wall construction to properties in and around Lebanon, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet, TN.

Decreased erosion and increased usable space are a few benefits that retaining walls bring to your property

Retaining walls bring many benefits to your property in Lebanon or a nearby area. Some of these benefits include:

Decreased erosion: Properties where there is a dramatic change in elevation typically experience some form of erosion. If your property is located on a hilly or sloped area, you will likely need a retaining wall to prevent erosion. Without one in place, your dirt will more easily erode away and cause extensive damage to your home or business’s land.

Flood prevention: Retaining walls do a great job of redirecting rainwater, which is a great way to protect your land from extensive flooding.

Increased usable space: A retaining wall will level out a sloped or hilly yard, meaning you will have more usable space for softscape installation.

Retaining walls can also contribute aesthetic value to your landscape by creating different elevations for the arrangement of shrubs and flower beds.

Seating walls add functionality to your outdoor living area

Seating and retaining walls are similar in appearance, but seating walls tend to be shorter and serve as seating options for you and your guests. These walls make great finishing touches to a hardscaping project such as the installation of a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. By installing these hardscaping features, our retaining wall contractors add functionality to your outdoor living area.

What materials can I choose for my retaining or seating wall?

When choosing the right materials for your retaining or seating wall, you must consider your preferences in terms of durability and physical appearance.

You have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to choosing the material our hardscaping contractors use. For example, granite is a popular hard stone used in retaining and seating wall construction. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, crimson, black, and gray.

In the Lebanon area, some other common materials we use in the construction of retaining and seating walls include:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Clay Bricks
  • Retaining Wall Blocks
  • Stone Blocks

Do you need a retaining or seating wall for your residential or commercial landscape? Call us today!

If you need a retaining or seating wall installed for your residential or commercial landscape, our expert contractors are available to help.

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