Case Study

New Retaining Wall, Pathway, Custom Landscaping, and Outdoor Lighting

First step: grading

First, we began working on leveling out the land. We used construction equipment and our team of professionals to remove and move soil to create flat levels both in the front and back of the home. Grading helps ensure the base of the construction is flat and level and allows us to easily install the new retaining walls and sod for this project.

Hardscaping Construction

For this project, we created two different retaining walls, a natural stone walkway, and stairs from various materials, which gave the home a combination of design, texture, and balance.

Retaining Walls

The closest retaining wall to the home was created from wider stacked stones known as Siloam Stones while the one further out was created with tightly-packed stacked stones. Both retaining walls create wide sweeping arcs to the side of the home’s rear-facing property, which left room to the side for a pathway.

Stairs & Pathway

We created a set of stairs from the back door down to the second level before creating a natural stone walkway that follows the natural curve of the land down the property to the waterfront. The stairs are made of Siloam stones and are thick and sturdy. The stairs were installed first, and then the retaining walls and walkways were installed to ensure the rest of the hardscape was built around this essential element.

Landscaping Design

We completed the home’s exterior with a full landscaping design including native plants, trees, and mulch. Our team created a design that complemented the home and the new hardscaping by creating balance, focal points, and symmetry that helps the viewer’s eye follow the landscaping around from the front to the back of the home in a natural way. We installed the landscaping beds and placed the plants into their spots before covering the beds with a thick, new layer of mulch.

Sod Installation

The last and most essential component for this new residential space was to lay their new lawn completely. The homeowners opted for sod installation versus seeding because it gives them an instantaneous lawn that is ready to go. Sod was carefully selected from locally sourced turf and laid across the entire property, which completed the entire lawn and landscaping design.

Professional Lighting Design

This homeowner also opted into landscape and architectural lighting design to complete their new build project. Our task was to make sure the pathways and front of the home were well lit. We provided path lighting and stairway lighting in the back of the home.

Uplighting in the front of the home provided enough light to illuminate the entire face of the home, which created safety and security with the front entryway and pathways bathed in light. Architectural lighting was used along the retaining walls to create drama and to highlight the design of the retaining walls. Lighting was used throughout the landscaping to highlight focal plants and make the entire landscaping design appear just as beautiful at night as it does during the day.

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