Why Your Business Needs Landscape Lighting

business landscape lighting

Adding landscape lighting to your business provides many visual and functional benefits. Landscape lighting increases your business’s curb appeal, deters criminals, and draws in more customers by making them feel safe and confident when on your property.

Landscape lighting is an excellent option for enhancing your business’ architecture or wanting extra security. Here are some reasons why your business in Mt. Juliet, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and the surrounding areas needs commercial landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Increases Property Value & Curb Appeal

When done right, landscape lighting increases your property’s value and boosts your business’s curb appeal. By highlighting certain features of your architecture and surrounding landscape, you enhance the beauty of your property and make it stand out among neighboring buildings. Custom outdoor lighting beautifies your property while adding increased functionality. Increased lighting means greater visibility, which implies greater safety and security. A beautifully lit-up business with custom commercial landscape lights can add about 20 percent to its overall value. If you ever plan on relocating and selling your property, this increased value can mean more money for you and your business.

Lighting Deters Crime & Provides Extra Security

Properties that use custom landscape lighting tend to experience less loitering and much less crime. Dark, heavily shadowed areas attract criminals and other shifty people who can pose threats to your business and clients. Studies show that people are much less likely to loiter or commit crimes in illuminated areas, as well-lit areas eliminate shadows and other dark corners for criminals to hide in. Installing motion sensor lighting like floodlights is a great way to light up a dark space when someone walks about your property. Commercial landscape lighting can be just enough to deter criminals and keep your business and customers safe.

Many insurance companies reduce insurance rates for businesses with landscape lighting, as this drastically decreases the chance and speed of break-ins and other violent crimes.

Customers Feel Safer with Outdoor Commercial Property Lighting

We recently installed outdoor lighting at Opry Mills in the Nashville, TN area.

If your business is open after hours when it grows dark outside, landscape lighting notifies potential customers that your business is still open. A dark or very dimly lit business often appears closed to passersby. Similarly, a dark property feels much more ominous and threatening to people, as many violent crimes occur in dark areas and are hidden away from lights and security cameras. When your business is illuminated, customers and other people can feel safe and confident, knowing they are out of harm’s way.

Increased visibility also decreases slips, falls, and other low visibility-related accidents. Lighting among a pathway and around doors makes seeing and navigating your property much more accessible.

Ready to add custom lighting to your business?

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