Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Outdoor Space

ROI of outdoor kitchen

Undertaking new outdoor living space projects yield two big returns: more family time and a hefty return on investment. Hardscapes built with quality materials by our experienced contractor team in the Mt. Juliet, TN area hold-up against time and weather, leaving you with a valuable addition to your home that pays for itself.

Aside from the obvious, there are several reasons why you should consider renovating your outdoor space, including high ROI, improved curb appeal, and much more.

New Outdoor Living Spaces Are a Worthy Investment with a High Average ROI

Studies have shown that quality-built outdoor living spaces provide a respectable ROI, especially when they are constructed with sturdy materials and installed by experienced professionals. The average return on investment varies depending upon the size and the specifics of the project.

According to Supermoney.com, the average ROI for new hardscaping projects is between 20% – 30%.

We specialize in high-end projects, which lead to higher than average ROIs. For example, our fully customized outdoor kitchens typically include durable, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops which hold more intrinsic value than those with lower-tiered built-in equipment and materials.

Many clients request amenities like dishwashers, bar areas, custom fire pits, and LED lighting products, which also boost investment returns. Our patios are generally constructed with attractive concrete pavers, stone, and tile and often include permanent seating walls—all designed as an extension of your home’s current look and style.

At Master’s Landscape Design, we help to ensure that new outdoor living spaces are a worthy investment with our professional installations and quality materials.

Adding New Hardscape Projects Offer Increased Curb Appeal that Extends Your Living Space

Outdoor lighting at this Lebanon property highlights the features of the property and provides security.

Patios, walkways, driveways, and other hardscape projects not only look great, but they serve a purpose. The more functionality a space has, the more value it holds. Our projects offer more options for quality time with family and friends for cookouts, roasting smores, or simply kicking back in the beautiful north Central Tennessee weather.

A gorgeous, new custom-built driveway, for example, adds a head-turning addition to the façade of your property. There are many choices of materials, colors, and textures for construction, all of which provide increased curb appeal and a smoother parking area for guests.

Outdoor lighting is another attention-grabbing choice for homeowners looking to add a special touch to the look of their property.  When the sun sets, sensors kick on and send power to the fixtures placed throughout your yard. The LED products we use generate warm, natural-looking light which can be aimed at focal points of your home and landscaping elements. Functionality and safety increase along with aesthetics and visual appeal.

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