Which is Better for You and Your Home: a Fireplace or a Fire Pit?

fireplace firepit

Fire pits and fireplaces add warmth, light, and elegance to your outdoor living space. They can become a focal point for entertaining and a feature that anchors the space. Choosing which of these features is best for you and your home is dependent on your style, purpose, and budget.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are more commonly installed than fireplaces and tend to be more affordable. Additionally, fire pits feature an open design. Other great attributes of fire pits include:

  • Fire pits can sit a larger group of people in a circle, square, or oval, facing one another. This invites conversation and entertainment throughout the evening.
  • It is easier to incorporate built-in seating around a fire pit.
  • Fire pits are small structures that do not block scenery. If your home boasts a beautiful nighttime view, a fire pit is the way to go!

Conversely, fire pits are unable to block the wind and provide less privacy than a fireplace.


If you are ready to get cozy in a more intimate atmosphere, a fireplace may be ideal for your space! Fireplaces seat smaller groups of people and face them in the same direction. However, it can provide for a comfortable night with close friends. Additional benefits of fireplaces are:

  • They are great for blocking the wind.
  • A fireplace is a great feature to block unwanted views and create your own outdoor oasis.
  • A fireplace can be more aesthetically pleasing.

It should be noted that fireplaces require a larger budget to construct. In addition, building permits need to be obtained and code regulations must be followed when building a fireplace, so you need to get permission prior to having the project started.

A Fire Feature is Fun & Functional!

Whether your home would benefit from a fireplace or a fire pit, both provide an entertaining focal point for your outdoor living space. They also allow you to spend more time outdoors during cooler seasons. Gas or wood burning are options for both as well!

Are you looking for a fire feature that is trendier? Check out fire bowls, which are made of precast concrete or hand-carved stone! Call (615) 288-2052 and talk to Master’s Landscape Design, to get an estimate for the fire feature that is right for you and your home!