What Are the Best, Low Maintenance Perennials for the Mt. Juliet, TN Area

low maintenance perennials

Perennials are an important aspect of any landscaping bed or garden. While annuals provide seasonal splashes of color, perennials form the foundation of the garden or landscape bed. Here are five favorite perennials that are common in Mt. Juliet, TN, and require the least amount of maintenance.


Hosta grows easily and can bring great texture and color to your garden. Because Hosta requires little to no ongoing maintenance, it can be planted in spots where other plants fail to thrive.

Hosta produces lily-like flowers, during the spring season, in hues of lavender, blue, and white. There are different species of Hosta, so choose your plants wisely when you are adding them to your landscaping. Some species of Hosta prefer dry shade and others prefer moist shade, while some can handle full sunlight beating down on them daily.

Hosta can be divided if they grow too rapidly and fill up too much space.


Look around your neighborhood, or even at some local businesses, and you are sure to find daylilies planted somewhere. These common perennials can withstand all types of soil and weather. While they prefer to grow in full sun with well-drained soil, you will find that daylilies grow fine in other conditions as well.

There are a wide variety of daylilies, which in turn provides an expansive color palette to suit most landscaping design concepts. Daylilies benefit from deadheading, spring fertilization, and dividing.


Peonies are fragrant perennials that require little to no maintenance. They have beautiful, large blooms that blossom in massive amounts every spring. Like Daylilies, they also grow best in full sun with well-drained soil.

Amazingly, Peonies only need dividing about 15 to 30 years after planting. However, periodic deadheading and cutting back the stems after the flowers have bloomed will leave them healthy and strong.

Russian Sage

Do you have an area in your landscaping where plants do not seem to grow? The best option for this part of your landscaping bed is Russian Sage. It does not matter whether this area in your yard is dry, hot, less watered, or ignored altogether, Russian Sage will grow!

The Russian Sage also can bring some color to your garden. They produce fragrant stalks of tiny, blue flowers during mid-summer. Pairing these pretty plants with other carefully selected perennials or annuals can result in an easy-to-maintain yard. Russian Sage can persevere through hot and dry weather.


If you need a plant that is tolerant of heat and drought, then Salvia is for you. Midwestern and Southern states can go through periods of hot, dry spells throughout the summer. Salvia provides a very aesthetically pleasing option that requires virtually no maintenance in order to make it through such harsh weather periods.

You can rely on Salvia to bloom in spires of pink or lavender, mini flowers from midsummer to fall. They do require occasional dividing, but you never have to worry about deadheading the spires.

We Will Choose the Right Perennials for Your Home

If you live in Mt. Juliet, or surrounding communities in TN, call (615) 288-2052 to work with one of our specialists to choose the right perennials for your home. At Master’s Landscape Design, we can help you choose from these and other low-maintenance perennials. Your yard will flourish all summer long, without a need for too much maintenance.