Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

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As our area of Mt. Juliet, TN, transitions from winter weather to spring weather, people begin to start their spring cleaning. It’s a time to clear out what we don’t need anymore, dust off the baseboards, and help everything feel new again. But your spring cleaning shouldn’t just apply to the inside of your house.

Your yard and outdoor spaces need some TLC, too. When you’re planning your spring cleaning routine, make sure to tend to your outdoor living space as well. Here are some ways you can work to prepare your outdoor living space for all the use it will get this spring!

Clean Outdoor Debris & Have Water Stains or Rust Removed

Hardscaping elements, such as a fire pit in Mt. Juliet, need to be cleaned before sping.

During winter, we get ice, snow, and wind. Those three things tend to knock branches off of trees and drop any leaves that were still around onto our outdoor surfaces. Check your patio for any debris and look between boards on your deck for any smaller debris that may be stuck between them.

Professional hardscape cleaners like Master’s Landscape Design can use industrial-grade products to remove any potential water stains or rust from the winter weather. Additionally, you may need more sealant on your hardscape if it’s been a while.

A professional hardscaper can come out to apply sealant before you enter the high foot traffic months of spring and can also provide options to attack any fungal growth from built-up moisture that occurred during the winter.

Refresh the Look of Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture may have also taken a beating during those winter months, so give it a hose down to get rid of any accumulated dirt. If there are stubborn stains, follow the directions your furniture manufacturer provided to clean off the surface.

Another way to refresh outdoor furniture is by changing some colors. Throwing in a few new accent pillows can really provide a nice pop of color and make things feel new. You can also rearrange your furniture to spruce things up a bit, or put in a new outdoor rug that accentuates your color choices.

Add New Custom Landscaping & Lighting Around Your Property

Outdoor lighting is a popular feature to add to hardscaping in the Mt. Juliet community.

Do you feel like your landscaping needs some updating? Consult with a custom landscape designer to create something new and fresh that complements your hardscape elements. There are many different types of landscaping materials available that will fit your needs. Adding in some new plants will also give your outdoor space some extra color.

Looking for more outdoor light? As those spring afternoons turn into evenings, it’s important to have some lighting outside that showcases your outdoor living space in the best way possible. There are many ways to illuminate your property, and an outdoor lighting expert can help you choose the ones that best fit your project.

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