Most Common Must-Haves That Go With Your Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

seating wall with fire pit

We can’t think of a better way to spend the fall than sitting around a cozy fire pit or fireplace in the backyard. However, there’s more to an outdoor living space than just the fire element. When you’re designing hardscaping elements as part of your overall landscaping, you’ll want to balance looks and functionality.

Learn more about some of the must-haves to accompany your fire pit or fireplace that will make your outdoor living space in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and other areas of Tennessee better than ever.

Outdoor lighting makes your property safer.

Outdoor living area with walkways, a fire pit, and outdoor lighting in Green Hill, TN

Outdoor lighting is, in our opinion, one of the most important elements to the exterior of your property, regardless of whether you have a fire pit/fireplace or not. Appropriate lighting can help with the following:

  • Highlight architectural features, like fire pits and fireplaces
  • Light walking paths for safety
  • Deter trespassers

When it comes to fire pits and fireplaces, the right outdoor lighting can be used to highlight stonework and walking paths that lead to the fire area. LED lighting systems are some of the most popular, in part due to brightness, bulb longevity, and lower energy consumption.

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Increase your usable space with a retaining or seating wall.

Outdoor living area with seating walls, a fire pit, and outdoor lighting in Mt. Juliet, TN.

You shouldn’t have to pull out the camping chairs any time you want to enjoy your fire pit. For a more aesthetically appealing and practical addition to your outdoor fireplace, consider installing a permanent seating or retaining wall.

Seating walls become a permanent design element that increases your usable space and can help add to your property value as a result. Our contractors are experienced in working with a wide variety of materials, and you can have your pick in terms of colors and textures. Common seating and retaining wall materials include:

  • Sandstone – Mimics a desert/beach look
  • Limestone – Consistent color and texture
  • Bricks – Classic style that comes in a range of colors
  • Stone blocks – Available in a variety of colors and textures.

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Walkways and pathways protect your lawn and complement your existing landscaping.

Outdoor walkway installed near Mt. Juliet, TN.

Actually getting to your fire pit or outdoor fireplace shouldn’t destroy your lawn in the process. When you’re considering outdoor living space additions, don’t forget about walking paths. Walking paths help put the finishing touches on your property, but they are also practical, particularly when accompanied by lighting.

This will also help protect your lawn by preventing unsightly worn areas of grass and exposed dirt, which can also lead to erosion.

Concrete pavers and natural stone are two popular options for path materials, and natural stones (such as bluestone, flagstone, slate, and limestone) can be chosen based on your particular landscaping and home aesthetic.

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If you have been considering installing a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, make sure you consider other elements that will make your outdoor living space practical and beautiful. Our contractors are experienced in the design and installation of lighting, fire spaces, and more.

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