How Outdoor Lighting Can Help With The Security of Your Home

outdoor hardscape lighting

Home security is a major concern for homeowners and an easy solution is installing the right equipment to protect your house. Before you spend thousands on the latest high-end security equipment, consider beefing up your outdoor lighting system.

Outdoor lighting can account for a very important facet of security for your home. Follow these five tips and protect your family and belongings with just a few lighting changes.

Tip #1: Illuminate entry points.

Never make your entry points seem accessible. Motion lights and lights that brighten when a person is approaching should always be placed near direct access points. Front doors, side doors, garage doors, and windows should be equipped with motion sensors and be lit during active nighttime hours. The more illumination your entry points have, the less likely an intruder is to try to enter your home.

Tip #2: Light dark areas where intruders can easily hide.

There are many areas around your home that can be easy to hide in or crouch around. Consider your landscaping, walkways, paths, and outdoor structures when planning your lighting. It will keep you safe and secure when you are indoors, and pathway lighting is beneficial when you are outdoors in the evening. Security also means safety and your family should feel at ease navigating their surroundings.

Tip #3: Light the perimeter of your property.

What if your home is down a dark, dim-lit street? What if you have a large wooded lot near your home? These type of areas allow places for an intruder to hide in the perimeter of your property. Lighting the perimeter of your property with an outdoor lighting system will beef up the security, allowing no one a chance to hide. Motion lights come into great effect for your perimeter and have a better chance of spooking away someone looking for an easy access home.

Master’s Landscape Design can design and install an aesthetically attractive and effective lighting system that will add security to your property.

Tip #4: Use uniform lighting.

Uniform lighting is more important than the brightest lights on the market. Having uniformity in your lighting will not only add aesthetics to your exterior but also maintain a consistent brightness around your perimeter. This ensures every nook and cranny is properly lit and ultimately secure.

Tip #5: Use motion sensors and timers with your outdoor lighting system.

Motion lights are the most effective ways of scaring off an intruder and they allow you to know when movement occurs on your property. With timers, you can set your outdoor lights to turn on and off at specific times during the day. Most homeowners set their lighting systems to be active from dusk until dawn. Timers ensure your house is safe whether you are home or on vacation.

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Lighting is easily one of the most effective systems homeowners can put in place for security. A dark house that looks as if no one is home attracts unwanted guests. Light up your house like a Christmas tree and you will keep wandering eyes from attempting to rob or damage your home. Contact Master’s Landscape Design at (615) 288-2052 if you are ready to have a lighting system designed and installed for your property.