How 3D technology is changing landscape and hardscape projects

When you’re approaching a new landscaping or outdoor living space project, the most exciting step—and the most challenging—is the conception and design of the space. Landscape design was originally a slow and labor-intensive process using pencil, ink, and extensive descriptions to translate your ideas onto the page. But now, using 3D modeling, a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) expert can create an accurate, interactive model of your space in a fraction of the time. Here are a few of the benefits of working with a CAD designer for your new landscape design, hardscapes, or commercial project.

From your vision to a rendered image.

You know exactly what your dream yard looks like—you’ve imagined sitting on your new patio and how your landscaping would look. But those ideas can be difficult to communicate to a landscaper. Using 3D modeling, we can take your vision for an outdoor space and put it on the screen. By seeing your ideas mocked up, it limits any potential miscommunication and gives you a sense of what it will really look like when completed.

Easily adjustable with day and night views.

Sometimes, what you imagined in your head doesn’t work as well once it is rendered into a graphic. Maybe one element drowns out another, or you have more room for a patio than you expected. Once the designer has created the initial mockup, we can work together to manipulate the design. This also allows us to see how your landscaping will age and grow and to help you get a full vision of the space. We can also manipulate the lighting conditions to see your yard during the day, in the moonlight, or with different artificial lighting choices.

Better technology reduces design time and costs.

By using 3D modeling, we can significantly reduce the cost of creating original designs for our clients. The initial mockup takes a fraction of the time as a pen and paper, and it’s more easily manipulated as we make changes to the design. And, of course, by laying out the design in 3D before we begin, we’re able to preempt any challenges that might arise well before we begin building your project.

Commercial Benefits

3D modeling is incredibly beneficial for commercial landscaping projects too. It allows business owners and property managers to visualize the design and layout of their outdoor spaces before any construction begins. This process can save time, money, and potential headaches in the long run. With the ability to manipulate lighting conditions and make adjustments quickly, businesses can ensure that their outdoor spaces are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and practical for their specific needs. 3D modeling also allows for better communication between business owners, property managers, and designers, leading to a smoother and more efficient process overall.

Check out some 3D renderings and ask any questions!

We’re experts when it comes to 3D renderings for landscaping and outdoor living space projects. Take a look at a few of them from our gallery below. Do you have questions or comments about this type of technology? We’d love to hear them!