Best Outdoor Winter Plants for Tennessee

blue spruce tree limbs and needles

Even though our Tennessee winters can get bitterly cold, it’s still possible to add some color to your landscaping or patio during this time in areas such as Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Hendersonville, and nearby cities.

We’ve assembled a guide of a few of the best outdoor winter plants to use at your Tennessee home here.

Winter Jasmine Blooms in Late Winter & Early Spring

Yellow jasmine blooms in winter in a Mt. Juliet, TN property.

With vibrant, yellow blooms that pop up in late winter or early spring, winter jasmine is a great shrub to add to your landscaping in the latter part of the year. The flowers are scentless and are about an inch wide. It grows in vine form, so it would look great over a retaining wall or fencing. They can grow anywhere from four feet to 15 feet in height, depending on proper trimming.

One thing to note about winter jasmine, however, is that it can be poisonous to dogs as well as humans, so if you have a dog or small children, you may want to plant this in an area of the yard that’s inaccessible to them.

Blue Spruce Is an Evergreen that Needs Full Sunlight

Blue spruce grows well in winter—in fact, it’s commonly used as a Christmas tree. It thrives well in hardiness zones 2-7, and our area of Tennessee is zone 7. Start off with a small potted blue spruce and keep it in an area that gets full sunlight, as this evergreen plant ideally grows with six hours of sunlight per day. It grows in a cone shape and also produces cones that are around 3-4″ long.

Winter Gem Boxwood Turns Golden in Winter

Winter boxwood plant with golden edges on leaves in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Boxwood is a plant with many different varieties, but the winter gem boxwood is one that retains its color throughout the cooler months. In winter, it also gets a golden bronze color around the edges of its leaves, which adds more color to your landscaping. This shrub can grow 4-6 feet in height and loves partial to full sun.

Hellebore, Also Known as Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, Blooms in Winter

Hellebore flowers, referred to often as Christmas Rose and Lenten Rose, bloom in winter. The flowers are usually a shade of white and some may have a tinge of green or pink to them. The flowers usually bloom face down but are a welcome sight in the cold of winter. These perform best in partial to full shade and typically bloom in December in our hardiness zone. This plant is perennial so it will bloom year after year with the correct trimming care.

Hellebore is another plant that can be toxic to animals, so take care in choosing a spot to plant it.

If you need help planning your winter landscaping design, our professional designers are just a call away!

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