4 Tips to Maintain Your Plants During the Winter Season

winter landscaping

As the leaves fall and the days grow short, winter settles into TN. While winters in Mt. Juliet, TN may only see a few mild snowfalls, temperatures can drop and fluctuate causing problems for your landscaping and container plants.

Taking care of your plants throughout the winter is imperative to being able to maintain the health and longevity of them. Try these four tips to keep your plants healthy during the winter season!

#1 – Change Your Watering Routine

Your routine of watering plants in the winter has to change from what you usually follow. The major rule to keep in mind during the winter is to water before a cold night or before a freeze. During dips in temperature, drying winds can take a toll on already dry plants. It is important to water early in the morning before a predicted cold night. Watering a plant the morning before a cooler night allows the soil to absorb warmth from the sun and daytime air. It also helps your soil stay moist and avoid drying out.

#2 – Lay Mulch for Insulation

Fresh black mulch has been installed to help the plants of this landscape bed located in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Mulching is an excellent line of defense for the plants of your landscaping beds. It helps keep the soil and roots of your plants insulated and traps heat from the daylight. Cover your landscaping beds in approximately 3 inches of mulch right after the first freeze.

Be careful to leave space around your tree trunks and plant crowns. You want to lay the thick layer of mulch in such a way as to protect what is under the ground, and not smother the plants above ground.

Mulching during the fall and winter can also help deter winter weed growth in your landscaping beds.

#3 – Protect Against Sodium Based Deicers

During the winter, salt can be devastating to your landscaping plants. Salt is damaging to plants because it can cause them to suffer from dehydration. Sodium based deicers cause plants to bind up their water and nutrient supply, essentially killing the plant slowly.

When possible, remove ice promptly from your plants. As a homeowner, consider using sand, kitty litter, or sawdust as an alternative traction option instead of using a sodium based deicer. As the first line of defense, shoveling to prevent an accumulation of ice is always best.

If you have to use a deicer, make sure to check the label. Many homeowners use more than is necessary to remove ice from their walkways and driveways.

#4 – Trim & Prune While Plants Are Dormant

Trimming and pruning was done for these hedges, to help them prosper during the winter season in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Winter is the perfect time to prune and trim your plants. During winter, plants are dormant, allowing you more access to the branches, with fewer obstacles from leaves or insects getting in the way.

Pruning and trimming during winter ensures your plant’s future health and allows your plants to flourish, come spring and summer. If you notice diseased or infected plants during this time, take time to remove those leaves to prevent an outbreak during the following year.

Call for winter season trimming and pruning, or for mulching services.

At Master’s Landscape Design, we can take care of your landscape plants during the winter season in Mt. Juliet, TN. Contact us at (615) 288-2052 for quotes on pruning and trimming of your plants, or mulching services that will protect your landscape beds from winter conditions.