2020 Landscaping Trends You Should Add to Your Home

landscape bed native plants and mulch

With the new year almost upon us, change is in the air. Have you considered revamping your landscape? Here, we’ll provide you with some landscape trends that are projected to prevail in 2020.

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Sustainable gardening is an environmentally conscious trend for 2020.

In a world with environmentally-conscious consumers, sustainable gardening is an excellent choice for your landscape in the new year. Consider some of the ways you can incorporate sustainable gardening into your property:

  • Composting: According to the 2020 Garden Trends Report, composting reduces household waste by up to 40%.
  • On-site water collection: You can use French drains, swales, and rain barrels to collect and control rainwater.
  • Mulch application: When choosing what kind of mulch to lay in your sustainable garden, consider where it comes from. Using mulch from your yard, including leaves, wood chips, and pine needles, is much better for the environment than buying mass-produced mulch at big box stores.

You can also create a pollinator-friendly landscape that provides a home for butterflies, bees, and more.

Add water features to revitalize your landscape this year.

Custom rock water feature installed at a Mt. Juliet, TN home.

The natural ambiance that water features offer is a refreshing break from an increasingly digital world. There are several different types of water features you can use to revitalize your landscape this year:

  • Bubblers
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfalls

This year, consider installing low-maintenance and native plants on your property.

Native plants are popular for people with hectic schedules. They will be easier to care for because they are accustomed to your climate and environment. Check out some plants that are native to Lebanon and the surrounding areas:

  • Yellowwood trees
  • Common sweetshrubs
  • Crossvine
  • Little bluestem grass

Add functional plants to your landscape

While low-maintenance and native plants will be a big trend, consider getting ones that also serve functional purposes. These plants include ones that:

  • Produce berries
  • Offer cooling effects
  • Repel mosquitos and other insects

In 2020, install plants in your landscape symmetrically.

Symmetrical flowers blooming in landscape bed near Lebanon, TN.

An attractive asymmetrical arrangement of plants is difficult to achieve. A focal point needs to be used to produce an ideal result, and even then, the final product isn’t always ideal. In 2020, property owners will be opting for simplicity with symmetrically-arranged plants. Making your landscape symmetrical can be achieved by ensuring that the colors, heights, and arrangements of your flowers are the same on each side of your property.

Indoor plants are making their way into homes in 2020.

Indoor plants like succulents, aloe, and echeveria are making their way into homes in 2020. Indoor plants are accessible, easy to care for, boost your mood, and clean your room’s air.

For 2020, consider installing a lot of blue plants.

Indigo and other blue plants are the way to go in 2020. Feel free to experiment with installing flowers of various shades, from saturated royal blue to more of a sky blue. Take the time needed to find the right color for your particular landscape.

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