Top 6 Recommended Outdoor Kitchen Features for the Summertime

grill knobs

Outdoor kitchens are one of the greatest ways to get outside more during the summertime. Who wants to go inside to cook when you can continue to get some sunshine while making dinner? Not us! Not only do outdoor kitchens serve as incredible party-hosting companions, but they also increase your property value.

Whether you are building your outdoor kitchen from scratch or considering ways to upgrade your current one, we can help! The following amenities are perfect additions to your outdoor kitchen and will make summertime much sweeter!

1) Refrigerator

This could be the most convenient addition to your outdoor kitchen. Many ingredients that you cook with require staying cold until you need them. Without a refrigerator handy in your outdoor kitchen, you will either have to walk back inside whenever you need to grab something cold or leave it out on the counter in the hot sun until it is ready to be used. Neither option is ideal, so we highly suggest adding a refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen.

2) Grill

Outdoor kitchen with a grill installed at a home in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Most grills are outdoors anyway, so why not add one to your outdoor kitchen plan? There is usually limited space for tools, plates, and food when cooking on a standalone grill. Installing a grill between some counters in your outdoor kitchen will make any cook’s life much easier.

3) Smoker

Take your cooking to the next level by adding a smoker to your outdoor kitchen. Smokers use a combination of wood chips, heat, and water to cook your food in, well, smoke! It will give your food a fantastic flavor that will wow your guests, not only because it tastes so good but because it was cooked in a luxurious outdoor kitchen!

4) Bar

Forget going inside every time you need an adult beverage! Installing a bar in your outdoor kitchen will make it ten times more convenient. This could include a wine refrigerator, a built-in cold beverage bin, and an attached bottle opener that catches all your bottle caps!

5) Sink/Faucet

Lebanon, TN home with an outdoor kitchen that has a sink and faucet installation.

Talk about convenience with this one! Everybody needs a sink in their outdoor kitchen. You might not realize how often you wash your hands or rinse things off during your cooking process, and you will only actually learn this once you cook without a sink nearby. Do all the cooks in your household a favor by adding a sink and running water to your outdoor kitchen layout.

6) Ice Maker

This is another instance where walking back inside to grab necessary items is sometimes too much! Make your life easier by adding an ice maker to your outdoor kitchen. You won’t ever have to worry about going to the local gas station to buy more ice or finding a bucket to hold a bunch of ice, only to watch it melt in the sun as time passes. Give yourself the luxury of always having cold, fresh ice at your fingertips while enjoying your time outdoors.

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