Stunning Plants You Should Add to Your Landscaping This Spring

landscaping pink flowers

If your landscape’s appearance has suffered during the long winter, it’s not too late to revive it. Here at Master’s Landscape Design, we have a comprehensive plant catalog available, so you can browse a variety of plants to add to your landscaping in Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, or Lebanon, TN, this spring. Our landscaping team will also install the plants you choose for your landscape.

Coming up with the right inspiration for your landscape’s design can be difficult, especially if you’re starting from scratch. Check out some of the following plants our landscaping crew can install this spring that will bring both aesthetic appeal and an easy upkeep process to your landscape.

Black-eyed Susans come in striking yellow, gold, and bronze colors that liven up your landscape.

Black-eyed Susans are available in different colors, including yellow, gold, and bronze. Their distinctive features are their dark brown centers, which serve as striking contrasts to their brightly-colored petals. These perennials reach up to two feet in height, so they can add a sense of fullness to a once-barren landscape. Black-eyed Susans typically don’t attract any pests; rather, they entice a variety of pollinators to inhabit your yard in Lebanon and promote its overall ecological health.

Black-eyed Susans pair well with other prairie flowers, including butterfly weeds and coneflowers.

Little lime hydrangeas bloom bright green in the summer and pink in the fall.

Little lime hydrangeas installed in a Mt. Juliet, TN landscape bed.

Little lime hydrangeas are a form of the popular Limelight hydrangeas. The larger Limelight hydrangeas grow anywhere from six to eight feet tall, while the miniature versions typically grow between three and five feet tall.

Little lime hydrangeas grow well in conditions ranging from filtered to full sunlight. They begin to blossom in the summer and display bright green colors. Once the fall rolls around, they start to turn various shades of pink. With these shrubs, you can alter the look of your landscape from season to season without installing new plants!

Little lime hydrangeas fit in well with cottage or rustic garden styles, but you can incorporate them into your landscape in Mt. Juliet, no matter its particular theme.

Russian sage plants have grayish-green leaves and purple-blue flowers that bring color to your landscape.

Russian sage plants bring a diverse range of colors to your landscape. They have elongated grayish-green leaves and silver-gray stems that bear mesmerizing purple-blue flowers. These plants work well in a variety of landscapes, and they perform particularly well in properties with xeriscaping. Once they are well-established, Russian sage plants need very little watering.

These plants are a good choice if you prefer the look of gravel over mulch. Gravel grants better moisture evaporation, which is essential for this type of drought-tolerant softscape.

Do you have a new plant installation project in mind for your landscape this spring? Call us!

If you are interested in a new plant installation project for your landscape this spring, you can consider our recommendations and browse our plant catalog for more ideas. Once you have settled on the plants you want to use, call us at (615) 288-2052 for our professional landscape installation services. We serve residential and commercial landscapes located in and around Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, and Lebanon, TN.