Popular Fall Annuals for Homes in Mt. Juliet, TN

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Planting annuals around your home during the fall time is a great way to add beautiful, warm colors to your landscaping. Available in hues of orange, red, yellow, burgundy, and purple, many fall annuals increase your home’s curb appeal and value, and give your home a festive look. When choosing fall annuals to plant at your home, it’s important to choose ones that can handle the cold weather well and provide lasting vibrant color.

Here are some popular fall annuals for your home in Mt. Juliet, TN, and the surrounding areas.

How Your Home Can Benefit From Fall Annuals

Annuals are flowers whose life span only lasts one growing season or one year. During this year, they grow, bloom, produce seeds, and then die off. Because they only last one year, annuals must be replanted each year. Annuals can be planted anytime and can easily be swapped out for different ones throughout the year.

Your home can benefit greatly from annual flowers. Planting annuals around your home increases its curb appeal and property value and provides beautiful, vibrant colors all year long. Annuals are very low maintenance, unlike their perennial counterparts, and often drop seeds on the ground that grow into new flowers later on.

Choosing the Right Fall Annuals for Your Home

Close up of some annual flowers in Mt. Juliet, TN.

When choosing annuals for your home during the cool seasons, you should make sure you choose annuals that are hardy and known to tolerate cold weather very well. Failing to choose cold-resistant flowers can lead to them dying from frost. With cool temperatures in our area of Tennessee, it’s important to plant annuals that can handle the cold during the season.

In autumn, many homeowners prefer annuals that provide warm, fall-like colors such as orange, red, yellow, burgundy and white.

Did you know that some annuals, such as pansies, are actually edible? Pansies have a mild wintergreen flavor and the entire flower is completely edible, making it a wonderful topper for hors d’oeuvres and decorative cakes.

Great Fall Annuals to Plant at Your Home

There are many wonderful fall annuals that tolerate cold weather very well and provide year-round vibrancy for your home in Mt. Juliet. Here is a list of some popular choices for fall annuals that thrive well in cold weather and provide beautiful fall color:

  • Pansy – Pansies provide cool-season color in just about every hue of the rainbow. Very versatile with many blooms, pansies are a popular choice among gardeners as they provide bright, cheery blooms of bold color. Pansies are very hardy and when planted in the ground will survive all winter long to return in full bloom the following spring.
  • Dianthus – A cool-season stunner, dianthus comes in a range of colors, from white and pink to deep red and purple. Dianthus gives off a wonderfully fragrant scent, therefore it’s highly recommended to plant it where you can enjoy its beautiful fragrance.
  • Celosia – Celosia is very durable and easy to care for. This annual flower is unique in that it provides flame-like plumes of petals that look like tiny bursts of flame. Celosia is available in hues of bright yellow, warm orange, scarlet red, and burgundy blooms.
  • Osteospermum – Also known as African Daisy, osteospermum produces daisy-like flowers ranging from white, blue, purple, orange, yellow, rose, and lavender.
  • Petunia – Petunias thrive very well in cold weather, and actually prefer it over warmer temperatures. Available in several different colors, these hardy annuals are perfect for homeowners in chilly areas.

Are you wanting to add some colorful fall annuals to your Mt. Juliet home?

Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to start adding some vibrant autumn colors to your landscaping. At Master’s Landscape Design, we provide annual flower planting and custom landscaping for homes and businesses in Mt. Juliet, TN and other nearby areas. Call us today at (615) 288-2052 to set up a consultation with our landscaping experts.