Will an Outdoor Kitchen Provide a Return on Investment (ROI)?

ROI of outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a feature that so many homeowners want to have added to their property, especially here in Tennessee. There’s no denying how an outdoor kitchen can enhance your ability to entertain family and friends while taking advantage of favorable weather. There is also the improved aesthetics to your home that an outdoor kitchen brings.

However, one question that sometimes bubbles up, particularly if a homeowner is planning to sell their house, is how much value to your home does an outdoor kitchen add, and what is the ROI (Return On Investment)?

Let’s explore some of the factors that may go into answering this question.

Straight to the Data – Your Expected ROI

In terms of trying to place an actual number on what a homeowner can expect as an ROI on their outdoor kitchen investment, the range is actually quite wide. Depending on which data reports and surveys you analyze (for example, supermoney.com), a homeowner can expect a range of 50% to 200% of the original cost of building the outdoor kitchen to be the ROI.

This favorable ROI, along with the enjoyment that one receives from entertaining friends and family with an outdoor kitchen, is why these luxury elements are popular for homeowners in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Hendersonville, TN, and surrounding areas.

A favorable ROI of 50% to 200% should be expected on a properly designed and constructed outdoor kitchen.

Construction Materials & Appliance Brands Impact the Value of Your Outdoor Kitchen

Stacked stone outdoor kitchen.

As with just about anything else that deals with adding features to a home, one determining factor regarding value is the materials that the feature is constructed. Is your outdoor kitchen built using materials like granite, bluestone, marine-grade polymer, or stainless steel? There are a number of material options available and each one can influence the value of your outdoor kitchen.

Also, what brand of appliances will comprise your outdoor kitchen? Are you looking at appliances from a company like Blaze Outdoor Products or maybe a company such as Lynx? Perhaps Alfresco is the company that you’d rather have your appliances acquired from. Just as with construction materials, the brand and choice of which appliances to include will factor into your outdoor kitchen’s overall value.

Non-Tangible Factors For ROI

There are certain non-tangible elements that can go into determining the ROI of your outdoor kitchen. For example, how do your guests, or even potential home buyers, react to seeing your outdoor kitchen for the first time? How engaged are they in learning about all of the features that it has?

One other non-tangible factor is how well your outdoor kitchen compliments the appearance of your home and accompanying landscaping. Aesthetics in the real estate, home improvement, landscaping, and hardscaping industries may not have a specific dollar value attached, but they definitely can be influencing factors in purchasing decisions!

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