Why Your Hardscaping Needs Maintenance

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Hardscaping is essentially an extension of your home. The clean, organized look they offer will only last if patios, walkways, and driveways are properly maintained.

There are several reasons why your hardscaping needs maintenance, including damage prevention, cosmetic appearance, and safety.

Hardscapes require regular maintenance to prevent damage to materials.

This custom patio and firepit in Mt. Juliet will need to be cleaned and sealed periodically.

In order to keep your hardscapes in good working order, you will need to perform regular maintenance. It’s often very beneficial to call in professionals for sealing and pressure-washing jobs.

Driveways constructed with custom materials such as concrete pavers and bricks can be preserved with professional sealing jobs. The seal will lock in the clean look of a newly laid driveway, which prevents physical and cosmetic damage from occurring. Without proper sealing, scratches and cracks are more likely to appear.

The same is true for walkways and patios, which will occasionally need to be sprayed or scrubbed down to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

Preserve a neat cosmetic appearance with regular hardscape maintenance.

One of the most obvious advantages of regular maintenance of hardscapes is the cosmetic benefit. The reason homeowners are willing to invest in custom hardscapes is that they look amazing and provide a high level of convenience as they extend their livable space.

One of the best ways to provide a longer lifespan is to have hardscapes professionally sealed. The sealing of hardscapes functions much like the sealing of a hardwood floor. The sealant is clear and can be glossy if requested. The gorgeous look of the materials will be visible through the sealant, but dirt and debris will not be able to penetrate.

Without maintenance, custom hardscapes can quickly become an eyesore. Concrete pavers can stain, grime can build up between bricks, and the gorgeous custom-built design will lose its vitality.

Proper maintenance of driveways, walkways, steps, and patios provides additional safety.

This patio and retaining wall in Lebanon will need to be sealed to keep the patio materials looking good for years to come.

If hardscapes are not properly maintained, there is an increased risk of cracks forming. Another unfortunate side effect of neglected hardscapes is that bricks and pavers can come loose. Each time a person or car applies weight onto them, you run the risk of damage to property or injury to persons.

If bricks are left to jiggle every time someone steps on them, there is an increased fall risk. Falling on a brick surface can easily cause an injury, especially to children or the elderly.

Custom steps are also a popular item for clients with sloped areas on their property. Steps provide an important function and must be maintained for safety purposes. If a flagstone step becomes loose, the risk of it tumbling down and hurting someone increases. Shins can be scraped, ankles twisted, or much worse.

It’s important to have a professional provide regular maintenance to ensure the functionality and safety of hardscapes.

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