Improving the curb appeal of your home with a new walkway and steps

walkway steps

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with a New Front Walkway and Steps

The entrance to your home is your first impression to guests and your lasting impression on neighbors. Your home may be beautiful, but does it have true charisma? The move from stale to stunning may be as simple as framing your front door with a new walkway and steps that show off your stage and reflect your style.

The First Step: Location

Determine where a walkway is needed. You may have an existing sidewalk, but is its placement awkward? Consider where guests park and see which path makes the most sense. Think about how neighbors, or delivery people, approach your door and what would be most convenient for them. You may find that two separate walkways that converge before reaching the steps and entrance, for example, could be the perfect hardscape solution.

The Second Step: Style

A large, traditional home may call for something formal, perhaps with a wide brick walkway and steps, leading straight through a symmetrically-landscaped garden. A craftsman cottage, on the other hand, could need a casual, laid-back look… maybe a winding flagstone path and wooden steps wandering through a landscape of perennials would reflect the style you’re seeking. Another way to add a stylistic accent could be to look for ways to mimic the design elements of your home in your new walkway and steps. Ask your landscaping professional about all the different options available to you.

The Third Step: Scale

Your walkway and stairs should complement your home and landscaping, not overpower them. Great curb appeal happens when every element is in proportion. A small yard usually benefits from a subtle, welcoming path. On the other hand, a small single sidewalk leading through a vast front lawn would probably appear skimpy and out of place. You will get the most visual enjoyment when the scale, features, and colors of your home come together with your landscape and hardscape designs to create a unified look and feel.

The Fourth and Final Step: Intrigue

Whether formal, casual, contemporary, or traditional, your curb appeal should invite a “double take”. Your entry should draw the eye of visitors and passers-by alike. This is achieved with texture and a sense of flow, with a design that draws the eye toward the focal point. Using a mixture of hardscape elements like stone, wood, brick, rock, and concrete can add a natural feel to your walkway. Adding a variety of landscape elements like ground covers and hedges compliments your hardscaping. A small water feature, like a fountain, can add ambiance. And don’t ignore your walkway and front steps in the dark! Add outdoor lighting elements to guide the way and highlight the beauty of your outdoor space.

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