Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining Space With a Seating Wall

outdoor seating wall

Outdoor entertaining, whether it is an intimate family gathering or a large party, requires plenty of seating options. Many homes have enough space on a patio for seating a small gathering with a table and a handful of chairs. Without additional seating for guests, homeowners have to bring indoor furniture, like their dining room chairs, outside or have an array of plastic chairs available during larger get-togethers.

The downside? Bringing interior dining chairs onto your patio may result in damage from improper use or the weather. Plastic chairs can be a safety hazard for senior adults and children. Additionally, storing plastic chairs when they are not in use can be a waste of usable space.

Outdoor Seating Wall as a Hard Scaping Option That Adds Seating to Your Entertainment Space in Mt. Juliet, TN

One solution to your outdoor seating problem is to invest in permanent seating, by having a seating wall built. Seating walls are a great way to add practical hardscaping into your landscape design, without sacrificing additional space. They provide beauty and function that adds year-round extra seating to your entertaining space.

Seating walls as additional garden beds or enhancements to outdoor fireplaces and other hardscape elements.

Outdoor seating wall built for a homeowner in Mt. Juliet, that also features a flower bed.

In addition to creating seating, you can make your wall a multi-purpose outdoor piece. Retaining walls are a great option for adding both seating and raised garden beds. Use seating to enhance a garden area by encircling a tree, or as extra seating around a pool, outdoor fireplace, or other hardscape elements.

The options for adding a seating wall to your property are limited only by your imagination! These are custom-designed hardscaping elements made to suit your outdoor space, whether it is small or large.

Dimensions and cap ideas used to build outdoor seating walls.

The average height for a seating wall usually falls between 18″ and 21″, with a minimum of 12″ in width. This provides comfortable seating for both small and large people and allows a safe surface for even small children to use.

Made with a smooth material, caps are sturdy but comfortable.

The finished cap is typically smooth not only for comfort but also for safety purposes.

Materials & Adding Lighting for Contrast, Style, & Beauty

Fire pit partially encircled by an outdoor seating wall.

A variety of materials can be used to construct your seating wall, including:

  • Pavers
  • Bluestone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick

For a beautiful and contrasting look, make the cap light and the wall dark or the cap dark and the wall light. This adds dimension and visual contrast to the overall design of your outdoor living space.

Seating walls offer homeowners a way of adding style and design to their property. There are many approaches to making your seating walls appear unique. Add in lighting for an ambient and intimate feel. Lighting is perfect for late-night parties or nighttime swimming. Create raised garden beds at the corners of your seating for contrast and beauty in your sitting areas.

Invest In a Seating Wall Placed Near Major Foot Traffic & Entertainment Areas

Your outdoor living space can spring to life by simply investing in seating walls around your major traffic areas. Be sure to call Master’s Landscape Design at (615) 288-2052 to see how we can make your outdoor living space spring to life with the investment of adding a seating wall to your entertainment areas.