How a Custom Driveway Helps Your Home

brick decorative driveway

Custom driveways are constructed of more attractive, longer-lasting materials than standard poured concrete. Their customizable options allow for a more precise fit with the style of your home, which is sure to turn heads.

For homeowners wondering how a custom driveway can benefit their property in Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Hendersonville, and other nearby Tennessee areas, the answer is simple: they add curb appeal, increase property value, and they are low maintenance.

Custom driveways add curb appeal with hand-picked materials to suit any home.

This decorative driveway in Hendersonville was made with brick pavers.

Typical driveways are constructed using poured concrete. While concrete driveways are cost-effective, they are prone to cracking and staining. On top of the maintenance issues they present, they are also rather plain.

A custom driveway constructed of concrete pavers or brick, for example, is designed to take a beating without showing signs of distress. Homeowners can choose between a variety of colors, textures, and shapes to make sure the design matches their home.

The result is an increase in curb appeal, which is extremely helpful in the event that the home is listed for sale.

Concrete pavers and brick driveways offer increased property value.

Real estate professionals agree that custom driveways add a significant increase in curb appeal, which can result in an increase in property value. According to SF Gate, homes with high-end driveways return a higher selling point when listed for sale.

Overall, a designer driveway is a good investment because it offers a solid return but provides a very practical improvement in the way of functionality. Many families own several cars, which are better protected when parked on a solid surface. Having enough room for teenage drivers to enter and exit their vehicles in the safety of your front yard offers extra peace of mind.

Custom driveways offer a low-maintenance solution compared to poured concrete.

This decorative driveway in Lebanon just needs to be sprayed down.

The materials used to create custom driveways are generally of higher quality than poured concrete. Concrete driveways stain, crack and begin to look dingy over time. If a custom driveway is sealed, it can last for several years before any major maintenance will be needed.

When debris or dirt builds up, it can easily be scrubbed or sprayed off without causing damage. In the event that a paver or brick begins to protrude above the level surface of the driveway, a professional can easily repair the problem without the need to break up the materials and start over.

One reason brick and paver driveways are so low-maintenance is that both materials are made to last. Each paver or brick is pre-cast and self-contained. Bricks have been used for thousands of years with a proven track record of longevity. Pavers are arranged into intricate, geometric designs that can be repaired one piece at a time. The overall value lies in the lack of regular maintenance and the gorgeous look they provide.

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