4 Outdoor Kitchen Features to Consider for Your Project

custom outdoor kitchen

When you sit down with your landscape designer to create the custom outdoor kitchen living space of your dreams, there are many features that you can choose to add to the area, such as countertops, ovens, refrigerators, and so much more.

Outdoor kitchen living spaces are beautiful, but there are four (4) particular features you should consider adding to your project. Learn about these features and how they will benefit your Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and Middle Tennessee properties.

1. Add a wine and beverage cooler.

Outdoor kitchen with wine and drink cooler in Mt. Juliet, TN.

When you have guests over to your outdoor kitchen, you will not want to go in and out repeatedly to refill wine glasses and get supplies for drinks because it interrupts the flow of conversation, and you could miss things. Adding a wine and beverage cooler to the kitchen’s space can avoid that back and forth with a fully stocked cooler.

The space size depends on how much you plan to entertain, but we can create an area for any size wine cooler you like.

2. Install a sink so you can use it outside.

Outdoor kitchen with sink and grill in Lebanon, TN.

An outdoor sink provides a place to clean up dishes, wine glasses, or other items from cooking outside without taking the mess inside your home. This way, you can clean up while your guests are still there and not put it off until morning. Leaving dirty dishes outside is an excellent way to attract bugs to your outdoor living space. The sink will allow you to clean up that food debris immediately.

3. Put in a seating bar to entertain your guests.

Outdoor kitchen with a bar and seating in Hendersonville, TN.

A bar by the kitchen area gives your guests, friends, and family a space to sit and relax while sipping wine outside. They can also converse with you while you cook the meal on the stove or grill. Pick outdoor barstools that will match the materials used to build your outdoor kitchen, or you can even install a small seating wall if that is the look and feel you want for your space.

4. Consider a unique cooking grill.

Outdoor kitchen with grill and countertops near Mt. Juliet, TN.

While grills are a great addition to any outdoor kitchen, you may consider using a unique grill for your outdoor space. Types of unique cooking grills include a smoker, a Green Egg, or a built-in pizza oven. With these, you can create a diverse option of meals for your family or guests on your property, such as smoked brisket, a make-your-own-pizza night, or pork loin.

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