Design Coordinator

Do you have the skills to be our design coordinator? Master’s Landscape Design is a great place to start your new career!

We are looking for a talented Design Coordinator to be our liaison for clients on-site, with communication of changes to the design team, and to be the point of contact for clients throughout design, construction, and completion of their projects.

Job Overview

The Design Coordinator will meet with the client on site to discuss the scope, scale, and complexity of the client project. During this meeting, the coordinator will document existing site conditions to get an understanding of the architecture of the home and design style. The coordinator can address the project budget so that we propose an appropriate design solution.

The second meeting, the DC will present an initial conceptual Landscape Plan showing the existing site layout with proposed improvements, recommended plant material and hardscape. The DC will then communicate changes to the design team for a final design.
As confirmation of the final design scope the DC will provide a detailed Landscape Plan based on feedback provided in response to the initial design presentation. The DC will then provide to the client a Construction Proposal detailed for the construction of the proposed landscape design and a contract with all the terms and conditions.

Upon acceptance of the contract, the DC will begin, with the production team, to plan and execute the design. The DC will be available to answer any construction related questions that may come about, and conduct a pre-construction meeting to review the plans and discuss any site-specific needs or challenges associated with the property.


  • To document existing site conditions
  • Present conceptual landscape plans
  • Provide construction proposals and contracts
  • Coordinate production team through design/construction process

Daily Schedule

  • Check email / answer or forward as needed
  • Trello updates – flags – to-do lists

This list is set up the evening before. All items on list should be checked off, or notes made, before the end of the work day. This list will include, but not limited to:

  • Morning meeting
  • Emails to be sent
  • Trello updates to be posted
  • Phone calls to be made
  • Estimates needing to be obtained
  • Plant/Materials lists (Client Take Off’s)
  • Proposals to be created and sent

At the end of the day, go over action items with Mike, make next day’s to-do list, close out all applications, and close down the computer.

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